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Our Story

About Water Creation©

Here at Water Creation, it is all about you – the customer. We are a premier kitchen & bath fixture manufacturer that has been designing and fabricating luxury centerpieces for the home for over 7 years.

Innovative designs, state-of-the-art quality, and excellent customer service is at the core of our culture.

We promise that you will love the Water Creation fixtures you install in your home, and that you will love the price you paid for them. In the world of furniture and fixtures, many cut corners in order to cut cost. With Water Creation, we will never cut corners when bringing a product to market. If we can’t build it right, we won’t build it at all.

From vintage to modern styling, Water Creation is dedicated to creating products that inspire your inner interior designer.

Customers have been asking for years that they want high-fashion designs for the home that won’t break the bank. With this in mind, we set out to shatter the glass ceiling that high quality means expensive.

Through competitive sourcing, lean manufacturing techniques, and free word-of-mouth advertising, we can say with confidence that when you buy Water Creation, you are buying the highest quality product at an unbeatable price. We encourage you to give us a shot the next time you look to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen. We want to earn your business.

We have only one simple goal in mind; to bring the highest quality bathroom furniture and fixtures to market at an unbeatable price. We challenged the idea that luxury has to be expensive, and our customers agreed with us. We owe everything to our loyal customers.

Our guiding focus has always been to take care of our customers, plain and simple. We believe that if you take care of the customer and always strive to exceed expectations, they will be a customer for life. In our mind, a customer should never walk away unsatisfied, and we are committed to seeing that never happens.

To all of you, from all of us at Water Creation - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Horace Chu